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AAA Applauds Maine Lawmakers for strengthened Slow Down Move Over Law

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B-Roll of Maine Turnpike Crash Involving AAA Tow Truck

AAA Northern New England applauds the Maine Legislature for passing LD 980 and Governor Janet Mills for signing into law the expansion of the state’s Move Over law that will help save lives.  For years, Maine drivers have been required to slow down and move over for tow operators and first responders on the roadside.  With the expanded law, Maine becomes the 17 state requiring motorists to move over for all broken-down vehicles on the roadside.

“AAA has been advocating for a stronger  ‘Slow Down Move Over” laws across the country with the goal of standardizing the practice of slowing down and moving over for all vehicles that are roadside, working or disabled.,” said Pat Moody, public relations manager for AAA Northern New England .“We are extremely grateful that Maine lawmakers took this necessary action to enhance protection for all motorists, in addition to the first responders who come to their aid.”

 LD 980 will take effect later this fall (90 days after the Legislature adjourns). According to the bill, drivers would be required to move over for any vehicle disabled on a public way with it’s hazard lights on.  Violators could be cited with a fine of $275.


  • An average of nearly 350 people per year are struck and killed while outside their vehicle on the roadside.
  • Roadside professional come to the aid of stranded motorists and sadly 23 lose their lives and hundreds more are injured while lending aid to disabled motorists.
  • AAA research found that 23% of motorists are unaware of slow down move over laws.
  • Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that 42% of drivers who do not comply with “Move Over” laws think that their behavior is not dangerous to people on the roadside

AAA tips for drivers

  • Always remain alert, avoid distractions and focus on driving.
  • Keep an eye out for emergency vehicles — including tow trucks — that have their lights on as well as cars that have their flashers on. Move over one lane when you see them and if you can’t move over, slow down to safely pass them.
  • Be a good passenger — help identify roadway issues and remind the driver to slow down and move over.
  • Watch for people on the roadside. Just because you don’t immediately see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there, bent down by their vehicle, in front of the vehicle, or about to get in or out of the vehicle.

As we move closer to the enactment date AAA Northern New England and it’s traffic safety partners will work to raise awareness and educate the motoring public about the new move-over law.

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